Things I’ve built

I learn best by doing. So I try to get my hands dirty with anything that interests me. Sometimes it's software, other times it's woodworking or gardening. I just enjoy building and learning.

  • Kerala Rituals

    Building an Ayurvedic skincare brand with my wife. Well, to be honest she does the heavy lifting, but I help out with some webdev and marketing. I also manage our Amazon PPC campaigns.

  • Cityzen Chrome extension

    I enjoyed using the Momentum chrome extension, but often wondered what the time was in different places, where my team or family was. I learned a lot about performance optimization, and how browsers work.

    Free in Chrome Store

  • Artie website

    I designed and build a marketing page a data-streaming startup that my good friend founded. Used NextJS and Tailwind.

  • Solana Santa Club

    When NFTs were hot, I decided the tech was interesting enough, so I build my own collection on Solana. I designed some unique 8-bit pixel-art Santas since it was December and I was in the Holiday spirit. You can probably still mint for a few SOL :)

  • Lead Gen Page for KeralaRituals

    My wife wrote an e-book about Ayurvedic skincare tips, so I built this simple landing page that we use to build our email list. Lighting fast, onepage NextJS app deployed via Vercel. Email automation with Klaviyo.

  • Custom standing desk

    Built a custom standing desk for $300. Motorized legs, IKEA butcherblock top. LED lighting and also went down the cable management rabbit hole (not recommend).

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  • Backyard complete redesign

    When Covid came, and we had a 1yo I decided to redo our backyard. Designed and built a sandbox, deck, irigation system, outdoor electricity, lawn.

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  • Wooden wall art

    My wife has been a fan of these for a long time, so I decided to surprise her with a custom built one for our 5th wedding anniversary. Later found out that you are supposed to gift something wooden for the 5th so it turned out great.

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